Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (2023)

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Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (2)

Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (3)NO HIDDEN CHARGES

Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (4)DEDICATED LENDING

Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (5)24/7 AVAILABLE

Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (6)HASSLE-FREE PROCESS

What is Bad Credit Loan? A Chance to an Improved Credit Rating!

'I need a loan with bad credit', it is what the trend is going on in the UK. Most people here, or around 70%, struggle to maintain their credit scores at an acceptable level because of their excessive use of credit cards.

The mainstream lenders are always the hope number one for many, but they may decline your loan application due to lack of creditworthiness.

To get their loans accepted, many people look for short term loans for bad credit from direct lenders in the UK. Here, they can smell a chance of loan approval with little impact of their past credit.

Bad credit loans can be described as a suitable alternative for declined loans. These are specially crafted for those individuals who have less-than-perfect credit score due to their past mistakes.

You may want to know that how the loan approval comes in these kinds of short-term loans from a direct lender. Well, these loans get approval on the basis of aspirants’ income facility.

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If you are looking for the best loans for bad credit in the UK, CashFacts brings bespoke loan deals that are characterised by these significant features:-

  • Relaxed Credit Check

    No worry of your poor credit score, as we do soft credit check that leave no footprint to your credit file.

  • Competitive Interest Rates

    Your credit score is what causing you worries particularly of high interest rates. Our deals are based on competitive interest rates.

  • Apply with No Credit Score

    Are you worrying about no credit history? CashFacts still opens up the doors of poor credit loans for you and offered on flexible terms.

Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (7)

What are the Benefits and Risks of Bad Credit Loans Online?

There are always some advantages and disadvantages when you apply for short-term loans for bad credit or long-term bad credit score loan. As a borrower, you should know about them, and as a responsible credit provider, we feel we have to make you familiar with all the pros and cons.


  • Regular repayments can improve your credit score
  • You get almost the guaranteed approval despite low credit score
  • No collateral and no guarantor are required if you opt for small funding
  • No additional fee is required to pay if availed from trustworthy lenders


  • Missing repayment again takes your credit score from bad to very poor
  • The lender always doubts your repayment capacity
  • Long-term funding may not be possible with these loans
  • These are the high-interest rate UK loans for bad credit that may add burden to your finances

What Loans Can I Avail if I have a Bad Credit Score?

CashFacts is the responsible private lender in the UK and always follow genuine lending policies. As part of our lending norms, we have brought a wide range of affordable poor credit loan products. You can apply any one of them according to your needs:-

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Student LoansApply now online and get loans on competitive interest rates to manage from part-time income.
Auto Loan with Bad CreditCover the funding gap while purchasing a new vehicle with no fear of past credit mistakes.
Home LoansNever miss out the dream of having a new home. Get sufficient funding support with these loans.
Instalment LoansDo not miss the chance to enhance your credit rating by repaying loans on easy monthly instalments.
Online Debt Consolidation Loan for Bad CreditTime has come for you to pay off all the debts in the one go. Consolidate debts and live a stress-free life ahead.
Business LoansManage easily necessary or unexpected business expenses with our bespoke loan deals.
Bridging Loan with Bad Credit Fill the funding gap while purchasing the property by applying for our bridging loan with no impact on credit rating.
Renovation LoanDo you need funds to renovate your home? We will do this for you with no objection of your poor credit score.
Wedding Loans for Bad CreditContinue to do the shopping for the upcoming auspicious occasion of your life. Apply for these loans for any wedding purpose.
Loans for Pensioners with Bad Credit Never fill short of funds while living on a pension. We have exclusive deals for you despite having low credit scores.

Unsecured and Secured loans with Bad Credit

There are two types of personal loans for bad credit in the UK: Unsecured loans and Secured loans. Both these options are useful according to the financial needs and capacity of the borrowers. We have the tailor-made deals on both these options, and the features include:-

Unsecured Bad Credit Loans

  • No risk of losing collateral
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Approval on Income Basis
  • Flexible Loan Repayments
  • Loans on Affordability

Secured Bad Credit Loans

  • Borrow large amount
  • Low-interest rates
  • No need of a guarantor
  • Use for Business purpose
  • 99.9% Approval Rate

An Important Note: No lender can promise to offer the bad credit loans with no credit check and guaranteed approval. However, we provide loans only on the borrowers’ capacity to make repayments, but from monthly income not from the savings.

What Option you have if rejected for a Bad Credit Loan?

Funding options are very few if you have a poor credit history. In such a scenario, you often explore the search engines by mentioning ‘where can I get a loan with bad credit’. The traditional lenders prefer people with good credit history as they have a trustworthy record of loan repayment.

People with poor credit scores have to struggle a lot. Fortunately, they have an alternative in the form of bad credit loans from a direct lender.

Ideal Loans for Debt Consolidation: People with bad credit scores often struggle to manage their pending debts. Getting a help from direct lenders can solve this problem too.

  • Merge all debts into a single loan
  • Pay one interest rate instead of many
  • Start a new financial life with these personal loans for debt consolidation
  • 100% Online Procedure: The significant advantage of borrowing from a direct lender is that you can apply for the poor credit loan by sitting at your home.

    • Come online to fill a single page form
    • Submit the form and get an instant loan quote
    • Get same day loan with bad credit is not an issue

    Loans on Affordability: We work responsibly at the UK market and are committed to providing loans on affordability.

    • Borrow as per your repaying capacity
    • No chance of missing repayments
    • Loan approval on part-time income too

    Flexible Repayments: There will be no fixed-rate monthly instalment to pay. Unlike other lenders, we give you the option of flexible repayments.

    • Choose your own repayment plan
    • Minimal pre-payment charges
    • Appropriate Arrangement for late-repayment

Can I Get Very Bad Credit Loans on Similar Terms as Poor Credit Loans?

We are the new-age lender, and we have opened our lending doors for people with adverse credit ratings. If you are also on the same category and wish to get loans with no guarantor from direct lender, you can quickly approach us.

The application procedure is the same, i.e. online. There is no need for documentation, and the approval comes easy if everything goes well in your application.

These loans will be available on the high-interest rates but can bring approval for those with County Court Judgement (CCJ), bank default, or missing repayments. All the deals are subject to a mandatory credit check to ensure affordable deals.

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Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (8)

Why Choose CashFacts for Poor Credit Loans UK?

High acceptance loans for bad credit people cannot be guaranteed. CashFacts comes as the last hope for them. We provide financial assistance with our personalised loan offers and the fee-free advice to ensure our borrowers' overall financial growth.

Our commitments are on:-

  • Affordable Loans
  • Instant Loan Approval
  • Same Day Fund Disbursal
  • Improving Credit Score of Borrowers
  • Fulfilling personal and commercial needs

Everything is in your hands to do anything. Apply now for bad credit loans to get the approval today and to receive the desired funds.

Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders UK : 98% Approval Rate (9)


Can I get an emergency loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can get an emergency loan despite having the mark of a bad credit score. You just have to fill an online application form with your authentic details. The direct lender can provide flexible interest rates if you have a good earning source. Lastly, with an easy repayment mode, the direct lender has also reduced the stress of repayment.

How can I get a one day loan with bad credit?

You can apply for payday loans. The direct lender can provide you this borrowing for your one day need. It is considered as the short term borrowing which comes with an auto deduction feature on the day of your salary. Do not worries for the low credit score, it will not create any obstacle for you.

What are the best personal loans for bad credit?

There are two types of the best personal loans for a bad credit borrower, one is a bad credit loan and second one is a debt consolidation loan. You can get these two loans with flexible features and with an easy repayment mode.

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What are the best loans for bad credit?

You can apply to any unsecured loan policy in a bad credit score. Analyse your situation and get the best loan policy approved to cover your situation.

Can I get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

Yes, you can get a loan with bad credit without guarantor. Since these loans come with small amount of money, the lender does not ask for a guarantor and collateral. However, they can charge a bit higher interest rates than a standard personal loan because of high default risk. Bad credit loans with no guarantor come with a short repayment period. They usually require you to repay the whole money in lump sum. Therefore, you should be careful with your credit needs. Try to avoid borrowing money more than your affordability. It is usually recommended that you should analyse your repayment capacity before applying for these loans.

Can I get a loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can get a loan with bad credit score, but at the same time, you should have a good income source. Lenders are ready not to check your credit score based on the capability of your monthly income. If it is strong enough, then you may not need a guarantor too.

Who offers loans for bad credit?

Both the traditional lenders and online lenders are offering loans for bad credit people. However, when it comes to the speed and flexibility, then the latter option of direct lenders is relatively better. They can offer loan deals on competitive interest rates and acceptable repayment terms. Some lenders also do not charge any upfront fees from the borrowers.

Are bad credit loans online safe?

Yes, bad credit loans online are safe if you obtain them from a reliable direct lending firm. While searching for the lender, keep a few things in your mind:-

  • You are getting an affordable amount;
  • There is no hidden fee or surprising cost;
  • Soft or no credit check is there;

I want bad credit loans near me. Does CashFacts Offer?

Yes, we do.

Get A Loan Quote

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